Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stepping Stone Class

So, a few weeks ago a woman from my church had a bunch of women over to her house to make stepping stones.  She gave Handsome Husband and I a beautiful one for our wedding last year.
When I heard that we were going to be able to make our own I jumped at the idea!  I decided to make one with our house number (and my birthday) on it.  I have to point out that it is also my birthday since people were worried that I would never get to use it again if we moved...double duty!!  It was a great morning with some great friends (and my momma) spent having some fun and being creative.
The mirrored image of my stone.  Sorry for the orientation...I couldn't figure out how to flip it.  The top of the image is the left and the bottom is the right.
I chose to use the same rich red as our original stone to have some continuity, but I changed the surrounding glass from white glass to mirror.  She had special tools that we used to cut the glass into smaller pieces.  First thing you had to do was spray the interior of the container with cooking spray, then line it with contact paper (sticky side up).  Once your contact paper is in the container you place your glass in the design you want but mirrored so that it will go the right way when all is said and done.  My friend then mixed up some concrete and poured it into our containers and left to harden for a few days.

Here are some photos of my little friend J mixing the concrete...he is such a manly man!  So cute.

Isn't' he just the cutest???!!!
Once the concrete had cured and everything had been cleaned off I had a wicked cute stepping stone/street number for our front porch!
Don't mind the ugly step...they are waaaayyyy better looking than they were last year!
I love the way the mirror looks with the rich red of the glass.  You can't tell in the picture but my numbers curve out a bit because of the container that they were in.  It looks pretty cool in person...but don't go stalking me to see it for yourself!


Mrs. B

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