Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Curriculum Organization

My school corporation adopted a new reading curriculum this year.  We knew that there would be a lot of materials involved, but we didn't realize that they were spread out over a toooooooonnnnn of boxes, books, and manuals.

While browsing the wonderful world of Pinterest I stumbled upon this blog link where she explained how she organized all of the curriculum.  I was inspired, to say the least.  My team members decided to board the crazy train with me, however, and do theirs too!

Here are some photos to show what we did:
I went to Staples and bought 1 1/2" file POCKETS.   We chose the pockets so that nothing would fall out the sides like would happen with a file folder.  They cost around $30.00 total.  We color coded them by unit.  Each unit has 5 "lessons" (weeks).  The last week is rainbow because there were 6 folders of 5 colors.  

We bought Post-it label tabs (color coordinated, of couse) and labeled each lesson.  Lesson 1, Lesson 2, etc.

The Grab and Go booklet.  It has blackline masters, reproduceable materials, running records, assessments, etc.  There is one for each lesson (week).

We have 3 reading levels (below, on, above) and a vocabulary reader for  each lesson (week).  The lesson plans that go to each book are provided for us (woo hoo!!) so those are included in each folder as well.

Each 2nd grade lesson had 10 High Frequency Word cards
The cards were numbered, so it was easy to check and see if I was grabbing the correct ones for the lesson.

There were 4 retelling cards for each lesson.

There were 8 vocabulary cards for each lesson.  My only gripe with these are that they are NOT  labeled as to which lesson they go with so they will be a bear to file if they ever get out of order.

Here is the finished product.

So much neater! 

I have a picture of what it all looked like before, but it is being held hostage by my camera at school.  To be posted...


Mrs. B

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