Tuesday, August 14, 2012


It has been an interesting couple of days so new group is a V.E.R.Y. chatty bunch of bananas. Don't get me wrong...they are very cute!  Ok...on to my real point...

I love getting flowers.  Handsome Husband loves to get me flowers and I love to get them.  We went to a gathering on Saturday where he won a gift certificate to a local flower shop I said that I would love for him to send me flowers at school some time.  He gets me flowers at home all the time, but during the school year I am able to enjoy them more at school more than at home.  He made a very good point and stated that it would cost almost double (if not more!) for him to have them delivered.

I got an email today that said I had something in the office and I hoped...hoped...hoped it was flowers...and it was!  He drove all the way to my school (40 minutes from home) to deliver flowers to me.  Unfortunately, he was worried that my new principal wouldn't allow him to visit me in my classroom and didn't ask to be able to bring them to me, so he was unable to meet my new nuggets. :(

I was super excited and skipped all the way to my room!  Well, I skipped in my mind because I am a clumsy fool and would have probably tripped and messed up the whole deal!

They are so pretty.  I'm excited :)
See my A.W.E.S.O.M.E. plan book to the left of the gorgeous flowers?  That will be later this week or next week.
I have the best husband...go him!  He even folded my laundry for me last night.

Mind you, he did it all wrong (...ok. Differently than I would have.) but I didn't have to do it!  Sweet guy.

Mrs. B

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